Money disease
Transaction is very important in Islam, as far as, the greatest verses of Holy Quran is about it, and one of the physical and mental fundamental of people is depending on to legit income
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Cold water causes diabetes?
The proper function of our body depends on proper function of our cells body and the proper function of cell’s body depends on to cellular energy and the source of the cellular energy is in the cellular nutrition
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Food destiny in our body
First of all, food will be chopped and squashed by teeth, and it crushes by grinding teeth absolutely, and then it will contemporary mix with saliva
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Fasting, reducing blood fat
The main cause of increased blood fat, including cholesterol and triglyceride is cell dysfunction in the process of absorption
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Livelong thirst in fasting, useful, harmful
These days, we are observing a lot of publicities against the Ramadan (the month of fasting among Moslems), especially about livelong thirst on hot summer days and having claim, that has a bad effect on the kidneys, in this paper we will investigate the stress effects of livelong thirst on hot summer on cells.
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Our body’s cells have numerous sodium and potassium pumps in their own level, by mean of taking out the sodium ions of the cell, regularly, and enter potassium ions into the cell
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Human have been followed by health, always, because, the utilizing of the other gifts of God and even worshiping will be difficult, without being healthy, as, in the other human needs
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The Prophet (PBUH) bids, that: sciences are two types: body knowledge and religion knowledge.
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