Foods improving nutrition
Foods improving nutrition, herbaceous medicine perspective
you should know that is really obese a person who we call fat, or not. We cannot call obese, to somebody who is genetically robust and has large skeleton.We should separate the obese people who are sick from robust people
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Energy, cellula
Energy, cellular duties
Our body has been formed from fourteen thousand billion cells, and there is not any part of the body that do not form of cells, if we review different parts of cells and their functions with each other
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Why, Infant’s Congenital Abnormality?
Unfortunately, today, people use of industrial and chemical folic acid tablets, instead of reforming their diet, people can give charge of natural vitamin B9 or folate to body cells that have their side effects (especially in pregnant women).
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Generally, there are two types of asthma; recognized type of asthma, is due to an allergic reaction to particular antigenic substances, the body has been facing with them one time
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Cellular energy supplier
the cell is the smallest independent functional unit in body. Components: main components of the cells are cytoplasm and core.
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First of all, we should know, the proteins’ metabolism process in cells, to better understanding the gout disease.
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Seizure description: Seizure is a sign of an abnormal function of the brain that can make signs such as: involuntary movements of body and opening and closing the organs with temporary unconsciousness
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Omeprazole is one of medicines that, have been prescribed to types of digestive problems, such as: Stomach ulcers, with Ranitidine, Famotidine, Simetidine, or co – amoxiclav or singly
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