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Chickpea, calorific, nutritious, unique dietetic medicine

Unfortunately, today, chickpeas, calorific and nutritious are eliminating from Iranian’s diet, since foreigner foods have been entered to Iranian’s tablecloths (traditionally spread on the floor) and dining halls, anyone else does not take steps to eat mulligan stew, as a habit, during the day, week, month and year. Whereas, Iranian’s people proud of innovating this useful food, from thousands of years ago, chickpea is one of the principal elements of food, let’s return chickpeas in our tablecloths.
Chickpeas (CicerArietinum) are annual plant, and are the member of grain.
Chickpeas contain the following materials:
1– About ten grams of water
2– About twenty grams of protein
3– About one hundred and fifty grams of starch
4– About one hundred and fifty milligrams of calcium
5– About thirty – five milligrams of phosphorous
6– About seven milligrams of iron
7– About twenty – five milligrams of sodium
8– About seven hundred and eighty milligrams of potassium
9– About fifty unique of vitamin A
10– About nine –tenths of vitamin B1
11– About two – tenths of vitamin B2
12– About five grams of natural vegetable oil
13– This plant contains scarcity elements such as: lithium and copper
Chickpeas contain various amino acids, and useful vitamins and minerals, therefore chickpeas are not only food, but also these are unique medicine.
Chickpeas, medicinal features:
1– It can relieve the chronic and acute constipation.
2– It can be sexual drives tonic in men and women, especially in men, due to containing a large quantity of calcium, and it can create blast, that is necessary for men sexual organ.
3– Chickpeas are menstruating.
4– It is heart tonic.
5– It can make strong the skeletal muscles, throughout the body.
6– It is anti-cold and anti-cough
7– It can make strong and stabilize the body immune system, therefore it is severely recommended to people, who suffer from autoimmune diseases like, lupus, multiple sclerosis (MS) and rheumatoid arthritis and vitiligo.
8– Chickpeas can destroy the intestines’ parasites that are in the shape of worm. (Due to having natural vermicide materials)
9– It can relieve asthma and chest ache.
10– The chickpeas oil can make strong the hair follicles.
11– If the chickpeas oil has been rubbed to head palm, some kinds of headaches will be treated.
12– If the chickpeas oil has been rubbed to hypogastria part and sexual part, it will make strong the sexual drive.
13– Chickpeas are useful for treating the jaundice.
14– Chickpea is very useful for treating the osteoporosis, because it contains rich resource of calcium.
15– Chickpea is very useful for increasing the retentive faculty, because it contains full of phosphorus.
16– Chickpea is very useful for nephralgia.
17– Chickpea can be healer, if we turn into flour and apply a poultice with honey and put it on the injury and abscess.
18– Chickpea can prevent of Alzheimer.
19– Chickpea can cause to growing teeth and bones strength.
20– Chickpea can be effective in preventing the cellular inflammation, and morbid obesity, that are indeed the cellular inflammation.

Dr. Hassan Akbari
Cellular Pathology Specialist
Associate Professor Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and
Researcher and Lecturer in Medicine Iranian – Islamic

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