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Cancer treatment, cellular starving

Southampton University scientists have been obtain a new methods, in their researches, to remove cancer cells through cellular starving, whereas, there are numerous benefits, about starving in our narrations, one of the fasting bases, is remaining hungry of cells and benefit of cellular starving, can cause to be healthy cells strengthened, through becoming extinct and burning out the toxins that accumulate in cells and also become extinct and weak the cancer cells through starving them, because cancer cells have brittle construction, and cannot resist against energy insufficiency, like natural cells.
● “The house will be luminous because of eating little of household”, The Prophet of God said (peace is upon him). (Cenz Almaal, volume 3, Page 391)
● “Do not want life for eating, but want to eat for life”, Imam Ali said (peace is upon him). (Nahjul Albalaghe description volume 20, page 333)
● “The mother of all drugs is eating little”, The prophet of God said (peace is upon him). (Almavaez Alddyeh page 213)
● “Starving is what a good hungry”, Imam Ali said (peace is upon him). (Ghoraro Alhekam, Hekmat 9918)
● “The most beneficial drugs is starving”, Imam Ali said (peace is upon him). (Ghoraro Alhekam, Hekmat 903)
● “Be fast, to be healthy”, The prophet of God said (peace is upon him). (Aldavat, page 76)
● “Fasting is one of two healthy”, Imam Ali said (peace is upon him). (Ghoraro Alhekam, Hekmat 1683)
(It means that, one of the health ways is fasting).
According to above narration: One of the most important factors in illness is overeating and consume wastefully:
Eat and drink, but do not waste. (Alaraf Surah, verse 31)
And the other factor is using of cellular starvation on account of treatment, because, cellular starving will cause to supporting and cleaning all body’s cells up, especially immune system’s cells, and they should resisted against of cancer cells, and eliminate them, and cause to eliminate cancer cells due to being lack of energy and starvation, because they contain of brittle construction in nucleus and organelles inside the cytoplasm such as: mitochondria, smooth and rough endoplasmic reticulum, lysosomal and Golgi system, therefore they will be eliminated, due to having lack of foodstuffs ATP.
As a matter of fact cancer cells can stay alive, by using of EEF2K protein, and by little foodstuff, but by having Islamic fast accompany with water deficiency, can overcome to these dangerous cells and eliminate them.
Meanwhile, it is better to have obligation and recommended fasts regularly, due to preventing cancer, because, treatment will be difficult.

Dr. Hassan Akbari
Cellular Pathology Specialist
Associate Professor Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and
Researcher and Lecturer in Medicine Iranian – Islamic

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