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Copper dishes, useful, harmful

The copper metal is as ion, that there are in some proteins of serum, or blood plasma, such as: Seroloplasin and this metal, have role in liberation of ferrous ions from cells, and transfer them into serum, The copper ions are essential to hematopoietic, body cells’ growth and development of bones, and its deficiency can cause to anemia, reducing growth, and lack of proper of bones development, diarrhea, digestive disorders, digestive disfunction, infertility, and premature graying and damage to the brain and spinal cord.
Also copper ion has role in metabolic pathways:
1- In oxygen metabolism and energy production by cells (so, deficiency of copper ions, can lead to immune cells energy reduction, and autoimmune diseases such as: MS, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and Behcet’s syndrome).
2- The copper ions are part of cytochrome oxidase enzyme in the process of phosphorylation oxidative, that is the main way of cellular metabolism to produce energy through aerobic, thus, copper deficiency can affect this important process, and can lead to body malaise and body common ethargy, and also if can lead to creating infertility.
3- Copper ions have a role in function of oxidase emin enzyme, and this enzyme can increase the incorporation of lysine to main body artery elastin, it means that aortic, and in addition, in all of body vessels, especially in arteries, and it can lead to arteries consistency, and copper ions have an important role in strength, through this method.
4- Copper ion has an role in forming of articular cartilages of elastin, therefore, deficiency of copper ions can lead to premature articular arthritis, and laxity in airways walls, (bronchomalacia).
The copper on deficiency can also cause to discopathe or disc disease, in people by unclenching of the between vertebrae cartilage in spine.
5- Existing of copper ions is essential, in melanin reaction (black hair pigment) from tyrosine by tyros enzyme, and deficiency of copper ions can cause to premature graying hairs in women and men.
By considering to the role of copper ions in cellular health, that has been mentiened in above, it has been speculate that why the colonial countries with intelligent tricks, have been announced that the copperdishes are harmful for healthy, and gather these dishes from homes and replace the aluminume dishes, as soon as possible, these dishes are highly toxic to body cells and can couse to alzheimer disease in adults.
We should remember that, copper dishes are two kinds, one kind is whiten copper dishes with tin or zinc, and the other kind is unwithen copper dishes, if we use of unwithen copper dishes, we should pour foods in another dish after cooking, imediately, to prevent of formation of copper oxid, and we shoul use of ironic skimmer for stirring foods, to benefit by transfering of iron ions into blood serume, and use of coordination of iron and copper in body metobolism, in the first part of discotion, in liberation of iron ions.
Unfortunately, in spite of proving of western scholars studies about liberation of iron ions in iron dishes, some of them have been still announced that iron dishes and iron skimmer are unhealthful, but I invite them to study of ironic dishes, harmful, useful article, and Canadian scientists treat the sick children, who involve anemia, in Mc Gill hospetal, by using of ironic pans.

Dr. Hassan Akbari
Pathology Specialist
Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor and
Researcher of Islamic - Iranian Traditional Medicine

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