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Warmth or frigidity, superstition or reality

There are, controversy between the modern medicine physicians and traditional medicines physicians constantly, since modern medicine enters to medical area, in one hand, it is said that, it doesn’t have scientific foundation, and all of that, are not more than superstition, for example, the thermometer doesn’t change, when we insert the Thermometer into the Raisin, that you believe that are warmth, or in unripe grape, that you believe that are cold nature!!!
In the other hand, in most of the narratives, the philosophers and traditional medicine physicians believe that the foundation of the medicine is warmth and frigidity, for example, Imam Sadeq (PBUH) with an Indian’s physicians, had been narrating in an scientific controversy, pointed that, we cure, warmth damaged with frigidity, and frigidity damaged with warmth, and transfer healing to God, so ,it must be explain, to believe in warmth and frigidity, and one or several full scientific justification and obstacle.
There are three theories about warmth and frigidity:
1- Being superstitious of this theory, that knows unscientific the warmth and frigidity discussion.
2- The amount of released calorie of stuff metabolism in cells, minus of consumed energy, to release latent energy in eaten food stuffs; determine the warmth or frigidity in food stuff.
3- Foods and other stuffs have been entered in to cells, can act as vehicles brake and acceleration, and lead to overactive or less active cells, and leads to increase or decrease he cellular metabolism, by warmer or colder the body, and this case holds true about herbal medicines certainly, non-sweet warmers like: Ginger and Saffron to cure Rheumatism.
The warmth and frigidity exist exactly, and they are the elements of physical and chemical properties around us, but the first theory, believe that the warmth and frigidity are superstition completely, by inserting a thermometer in honey and unripe grape say that: Look, the thermometer has been shown one temperature it is show that the energy has been stored in them, if you insert the thermometer into premium gasoline and kerosene concurrently, check the thermometer shows the same temperature, have it shown the storing energy in them? What about Uranium? It must be understand that it is very different in energy releasing in cell’s metabolism process, also, amount of energy consumption to release energy of frigidity nature’s food would be much more than a food with warmth nature, for example: Sugars are getting ready to burn, whereas complex proteins of beef and fish to convert energy, should absorb more energy to release latent energy, like, difference between filling the gasoline tank with kerosene instead of premium gasoline, which one burns better, and has been created more energy by less energy consumption?
So, we should know all of the existents and stuffs of warmth and frigidity and different times and places are not superstition also, have scientific and rational roots, but we should have understand better the subject and be more careful in fundamental researches, and use these properties to cure patients.

Dr. Hassan Akbari
Specialist, Associate Professor of Cellular Pathology
Researcher and Lecturer in Islamic Medicine-Iranian

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