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Health Triangle, sanction, preference

As a matter of fact, all of the foods, have been prohibited in Islam, which have terrible harm for our bodies, and those foods, which have less harm, are abominable, and those foods, which do not have particular harm, are permissible, and those foods, which are useful for our body, are permitted.
If we take a look to a scientific paper, we can find out that, drinking lots of water or drinking water in the middle of food are hated, or eating salt is recommended, before and after the food.
There are a lot of important topics about foods, in narrative and anecdote books that has been mentioned about some of them in following, but some important things are that some people ask: is such food stuffs are prohibited as an herbal medicine? It means that, it must be prohibited religiously, If a doctor asks a patient, do not use that material, while it may be abominate not prohibiting that material, so, this discussion is about preference no sanction, and the reason of the doctor about prohibit is, intentional manipulate of some consumed foods or other materials, are to be harmful for people.
Some food stuffs contain intellectual or physical properties naturally, that are not useful for our body, even adding some reformers (it means, some materials that can neutralize that material) cannot prevent that food stuffs or hobby stuffs harmfulness, for example:
There are some materials in, tea, beef, chicken or tobacco, that do not have reformer, and they can cause to our body’s a little cellular damage, while, watermelons, cucumbers or lettuce may be harmful, but they can have advantage beside a reformer such as dates or honey, so, some food stuffs or hobby stuffs do not contain reformers, and on the contrary, some of them contain reformers, those which do not contain reformers are as a abominable, religiously, that can cause to diseases or can foreshorten the longevity, therefore, something that is in health triangle, as a permanent prohibition, is not sanction but preference, so, it is sometimes possible that, this material, has been prescribed to the patient in certain cases, such as: beef broth that has been recommended to some people, and if the beef wasn’t abominated, we couldn’t use it in vitiligo treatment.
In the great religious authority office of ayatollah Bahjat have been listed that, in generally, eating beef is abominated, and I have been pointed in health triangle, that, it is one of the permanent disadvantage, and it is not prohibited.
In some narratives, chicken is abominated.
Imam Ali (PBUH) said that: chickens are pigs of the birds (Foroogh E kafi book, volume 6 – Alatame book).
Most of the great scholars believe to chicken abomination, indeed, it is about ordinary chicken, and it is not include industrial chickens, because industrial chickens are very harmful and dangerous, due to containing harmful additional materials, and broad-spectrum of antibiotics.
But, I do not find out a narrative for and against of the tea, this herbal medicine shouldn’t be consume, because of, this herbal medicine cause to anemia, or iron deficiency, chronic constipation, and kidney stones, in modern medicine, aside from of the other disadvantages such as: Reducing the cellular metabolism and immune system, and as a result appearing the diseases such as rheumatic diseases.

Dr. Hassan Akbari
Cellular Pathology Specialist
Associate Professor Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and
Researcher and Lecturer in Medicine Iranian – Islamic

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