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We should consume what kind of animal meat?

It is clear that, there are emphasis in western medicine and Iranian-Islamic medicine, to consume meats, but there are disagreements in the kind of consuming meats, in regard of western medicine, meats are divided in two kinds, white meat and red meat, and in this manner, red meats are inappropriate and white meats are appropriate to use, and it is said to people, avoid of consuming red meats, as far as possible, and consume white meats such as: fish and chicken only, and they believe that, high level cholesterol in meats are, one of proofs of lack of consuming red meats.
In the event, there are not the advantages and disadvantages in the based on white and red meats, but there is in properties of meats, that are, based on the kind of animals, in Iranian-Islamic medicines.
The general properties of meats:
The prophet (PBUH) has recommended that:
Eating meats make embellish the face, and make good behavior.
Imam Ali (PBUH) has recommended that:
You should eat meat, because meat creates meat.
Imam Sadeq (PBUH) has recommended that:
Meat has been created from meat, and anyone who avoids from consuming meat, her/his behavior will be bad, consume meat, to increase audition and vision power. Remember that, in the same manner it has been emphasized to eating meat, but forbid of meat overindulging.
What kinds of meats are good and what kinds are bad?
Imam Reza (PBUH) has recommended that:
If God had created the best meat, that was better than mutton, it was ransomed to Ishmael Prophet.
Camel meat:
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has recommended that:
You should consume camel meat, do not consume camel meat unless faithful people, indeed.
Imam Ali (PBUH) has recommended that:
Beef is disease and suffering, and its milk and its oil are healed.
Chicken meat:
In Alkafi, that has narrated of sayari:
It was spoken about meats, beside Omar, he said that: The best meats are chicken meats; the leader of the faithful recommended that: Not at all, hens are pigs among birds, the best meats are, the meats of young chicken that can fly recently, or before flying.
Fish meat:
Imam Sadeq (PBUH) has recommended that:
If you consume fish meat at night, and do not consume some dates or honey, and sleep after that, cripple vessel will move in her/ his body.
Imam Reza (PBUH) has recommended that:
Do not collect of eggs and fish meats in your stomach, because, when these two are together, they can create colic (abdominal pain) and hemorrhoids and toothache.
Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has recommended that:
Continuation in consuming fresh fish has melted the body meats.
Imam Ali (PBUH) has recommended that:
Consume fish meat less often, because it has melted the body meats, and it can increase phlegm and cause to dyspnea.
Of course, we should know that, consuming fresh fish is permitted along with reformer.

Dr. Hassan Akbari
Pathology Specialist
Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor and
Researcher of Islamic - Iranian Traditional Medicine

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