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Arrhythmia cause (irregular heartbeats)

Arrhythmia means, irregular heart beating. Tachycardia or increasing the rate of heartbeat, and Bradycardia or decreasing the rate of heartbeat, are the denatured reasons, heart’s electrical signal transmitions and production device cells dysfunction.
Heart has two production nodes and heartbeats stimulus electrical strengthen signals, one of them is from right atrium and the other one is between the right atrium and right ventricle, these nodes duty is respectively, electrical signals production and its strengthen to all of heart’s points and generate regular contraction, affective and strong muscular heart’s septum muscular contraction, and pumps blood to whole body ultimately.
As you see, how does the complete system production and electrical strengthen work, atrium sinus node is in the upper right part of atrium naturally, the electrical circuit is like a nervy Impulse, and spread throughout the atriums, and cause to bilateral atrium concurrent contraction, afterward atrium’s node attain to electrical signal, and has been strength by this node, and attained to all of the ventricles via fivers inside the heart’s septum, and cause to concurrent and affective ventricle constriction, various arrhythmias will be create, if cellular nodes and electric signal conveyor, cannot be able to generate signals properly or convey them, due to inflation ascribable nutrition energy insufficiency properly, and heart’s cellular’s cannot be able to contract properly, such as atrium Fibrillation, due to atrium irregular Impulses, which the fast beats and inefficient are very fast, that every beats sometimes might be to 500 per minute, and the ventricles beats can also be to 160 per minute.
In this case, the beats are very fast and irregular.
Due to damaging and heart’s muscle cellular stroke, another case, the abdominal Tachycardia Arrhythmia, will be created, the third condition is Sinus Tachycardia, where the regular beats are fast and it’s about one hundred per minute and the final condition is due to enclosing the Impulses direction network, and can partly, and leads to cutting off the heart electrical current, and sometimes is conversely of the heart beats, and will be very slow.
Modern medicine has been controlling the arrhythmia by cellular’s excitability sub tractor drugs, and these drugs have very bad effects, and they sometimes used of Pacemaker or battery to cure and it makes artificial electrical impulse, and sometimes used of ICD device or electric circuit reversal device. In Iranian–Islamic medicine, will be solved radically, the problem of heart’s muscle cellular functions, the atrium node, and abdominal atrium node, and Purkinje fibers, and the patient doesn’t involve the heart’s beating and arrhythmias, because the real problem root is in the external and internal electrical imbalance and due to unsuitable nutrition, due to Sodium–Potassium pumps energy shortage, all cells surface specially heart’s muscle cells, and nods and fibers are heart electrical circuit conduction, and all of these cellular abnormalities will be resolved by diet modification gradually.

Dr. Hassan Akbari
Specialist , Associate Professor of Cellular Pathology
Researcher and Lecturer in Islamic Medicine-Iranian

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