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Cites of Iran, surrounded by Pine pathogenic and destructive environment

Unfortunately, seasonal allergies such as asthma and other allergies have become prevalent, and these are increasing day by day, in recent years, in this paper, we engage to the role of the pine trees, that are uninvited guests in our cities, and they are increasing prevalent of asthma and allergies in children and teenagers, in recent decades, and we may change our decision about developing the green spaces in our country, instead of increasing pines, we should increase the native trees, such as: walnut tree, almond tree, pistachio tree, date palm, mulberry tree, and fruit trees and at least useless trees such as: weeping willow, Lombardy poplar, and plane tree!!!
Allergy is a disease that entangles many families today, and is a changeable reaction to one allergenic substance for immune system.
We can point to allergic substances such as nonnative pollen in the region that the immune system that the people of that region do not match to those substances and these substances can have severe allergic reactions, especially in children, teenagers and young people, and pines are one of these uninvited guests which are in cities of Iran as a intentionally or unintentionally, in fact these trees are native trees in other areas, and have been pushed into Iran.
Pine fruiting age is, about 6-7 years, and they produce in large quantities pollen, there is thirty thousand pound pollen in each kilo gram, and they are extremely allergen.
In pollen season, pollens are spread in all areas by wind and air flowing, and can create severe asthma and allergies in talented people.
Common symptoms of the disease:
One of general symptoms is hay fever, and it’s not related to hay, on the contrary to its name, and can be allergenic, these symptoms are: dropping nose, one way or two ways clogged nose, repeated sneezing, redness and itching eyes, roping tear, itching ears and throat and sometimes mild shortness of breath to intense, and even It will be intense asthma symptoms.
Basic prevention:
Unfortunately, when humans change the environment natural ecosystem, there will be interfere in public health, and one of these dislocated changes are cultivation of the pine trees in Tehran and most of the cities in Iran, that cause to human diseases and also causes to damage the soil severely.
The pine harms to the environment and soil:
1- The source of the allergies production is allergenic severely and creates allergy and asthma.
2- Oxygen production is very little, by pine needle leaves.
3- Moisture production and creating the coolness are very little.
4- The power of air refining are very little, due to pine needle leaves and a little bit contact area.
5- The pine trees make acidic around it, and in fact, destroy the soil of around itself.
6- Some researchers believe that, pine trees deliver nitrous oxide into the atmosphere.
7- These trees do not have suitable shade due to having short stature and low leaf area and a little canopy.
8- Corpus of the needle leaf trees is harmful to living organisms, due to producing chemical substances, under the trees.
9- The birds do not build nests, due to being poisonous of pine needle leaves on the trees.
10- The wood will be growing very late.
11- Its wood usage in industrial and craft is not suitable.
We should use of fruit trees (fructify) that are native to Iran, such as: walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, olives, mulberry, persimmon and so on, in all of the gardens and artificial forests around the cities and greenbelts, to bring a great non – oil wealth to our country people accompany with clean air and healthiness. It must be mentioned that, if we cultivate walnut trees, instead of two millions pine trees in all appropriate places around Tehran, about recent fifty years, we could harvest about two billion pieces of fruits that was included four hundred billion tomans in the year and it was a number of four thousands billion tomans, and could employ many unemployment people, and apart of walnut wood (that is the most expensive wood in the world), the leaves (that is herbal remedy) and the bark of this tree is expensive, it could help to bullish the wood industries, traditional medicine and herbal products, and crafts and the other industries and can also leads to employment.
Note: some people believe that if we cultivate the fructify trees like walnuts, the people will picked and consumed!!!! Is it wrong, that the poverty people will benefit from the fortunes? And use of properties of the nuts that prevent of common diseases like: Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Alzheimer, and other diseases. Meanwhile, at the present time, use a lot of water and compost for pathogenic and destructive pines, but we can use them for producing the fruits for poverty people.
So we hope that, authorities replace fruit trees instead of pathogenic pines in our country, as soon as possible.

Dr. Hassan Akbari
Specialist, Associate Professor of Cellular Pathology
Researcher and Lecturer in Islamic Medicine-Iranian

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