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Spasm (muscle cramp)

Muscles, has been consist of two types of filaments, the slim filaments’ names are Aktin and the tick filaments’ names are Muzin, each of filaments has been consist of three main parts, Aktin filament, Tropomuzin and Troponin, and each of thick filaments has tails look like sticks and has salient sticks’ converter tows to the outside, and there are points on the slim filaments or Aktins’, called Active points, and the top sticks, have been connected to these points by the energy process on Calcium Ions (++Ca), and by moving top of the arms, sli filaments and thick filaments will be move toward each other, and the terminals will be closer to each other, and the muscle contraction will be accrued, and it is necessary to consume energy as ATP molecule for muscles softening, to separate the Muzin filaments’ top sticks from active points of Aktins filaments, and the muscle returns to its original state ,so ,if there is not enough cellular energy molecule resource or ATP, the muscle will be remain in the same contraction in long time, and doesn’t softening, as a result, the blood cannot enter into stiffness tissue easily, and if the blood doesn’t add up to the tissue it will be something like heart Ischemic (lack of Oxygen) and can cause terrible pain, it will be occurred most of the times in swimming in cold water and acute, extensive and endurance exercises in muscles, due to lack of ATP and cellular energy, sometimes due to lack of energy and cellular ATP, back calf cramps and fingers lockup in legs and hands will be occurred entirely.
It is the same thing that occurs in corpse, when someone dies; all of the muscles remain in acute contraction and dead body will be look like a lifeless wood because cells don’t produce energy and after occurring death, the alternate softening will be incidence gradually.
Therefore we should perform the health triangle completely to prevent and cure the spasm and muscle’s cramps, and mild massage the affected area by olive oil and fennel flower oil also worm and dry cupping and warm the spasm situation.

Dr. Hassan Akbari
Specialist, Associate Professor of Cellular Pathology
Researcher and Lecturer in Islamic Medicine-Iranian

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