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Tea consumption, Diabetes

Black and green teas are often used as medicinal remedies with their dry and cold temperament. Their origin in China dates back to approximately 5,000 years ago, in the, beginning, tea was served for medicinal purposes as a remedy and used for particular diseases, with hot temperament, slowly it entered to widely consumed beverage in China and then it spread to Europe and other parts of the world.
Because of its dry and cold temperaments, drinking tea reduces cellular reactions and controls the NADH molecule and the Sodium and Potassium pumps. And by controlling cellular performances, it acts as a sedative and Narcotization remedy. For instance, this narcotic dysfunction, affects the performance of nerve cells by reducing the speed of nerve message transmission through the cells, or on the other hand, affects brain cells by reducing the power of human cognition and determination.
So in those nations where tea is consumed as the most common beverage, the level of brain performance is lower than usual. Because of all the above mentioned factors, we can see tea has a colonial purpose which acts as opium for those nations and paves the way for colonial and strangers’ dominance.
By controlling the cellular performance, tea can cause the incidence of Diabetes or even worse.
Tea mechanism Diabetics including:
a) Increasing Insulin resistance by reducing the cell and cellular wall mechanisms and performance.
b) It reduces the production of Insulin by Pancreatic Islets of Langerhans cells. This causes the reduction of power in the protein production of the Ribosome’s Endoplasmic network within the cells and reduces cell energy.
c) The third mechanism of controlling effect of both kinds of tea (black and green) on the Sodium and Potassium of the cellular cells causes the incarceration of Sodium inside the cells. After drinking water, it enters the cell by Osmosis, resulting in cell swelling and the reduction of sugar metabolism and finally resulting in high blood sugar.
So Diabetes patients must never, ever consume tea of both kinds (black and green) and as long as they don’t give up this habit, their illness won’t take a turn for the worse. But it should be mentioned that besides giving up this habit, she/he must consider the health triangle (mentioned in this website). It is highly recommended to consume herbal tea beverages such as Borage, Saffron, and Cinnamon.
Definitely, they must use fresh boiled water at the temperature of at least 37 centigrade instead of cold water (or lukewarm water at the same temperature of tea).

Dr. Hassan Akbari
Specialist, Associate Professor of Cellular Pathology
Researcher and Lecturer in Islamic Medicine-Iranian

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