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Fatness, Slimness

How we can be shapely?
The definition of fatness in western medicine:
According to Brocai opinion, French scholar: Balanced weight includes, the height subtract of one hundred, for example: By having height of 170 cm, the best weight would be about 70 kg, as a matter of fact this number in men, is subtract 10 percent, it means 10 percent less than women.
In western medicine, fatness means: increasing the body mass fat, and there are several methods to measure the body fat:
1 – Densitometry
2 – Ultra Sonography
3 – To assess the rate of potassium
4 – To assess the total body water
And there are another ways that are very expensive and time consuming.
5 – Another method is calculating the BMI (Body Mass Index) that it will calculate the height, divided by the height square root of the body, and it will be calculated by meter, at the present time the World Health Organization have been distinguish BMI, as a best test for the balanced weight, thus if BMI is less than 18.5, there is lightweight, and if it is between 25-18.5, it is normal weight, and if it is between 30-25, this is overweighting, and more than 35, the patient will suffer from fatness.
The important point in BMI, There is factors such as age and sex, for example:
BMI 21 is suitable to age of 17 to 19.
BMI 22 is suitable to age of 19 to 24.
BMI 23 is suitable to age of 24 to 34.
BMI 24 is suitable to age of 34 to 44.
BMI 25 is suitable to age of 44 to 54.
BMI 26 is suitable to age of 54 to 64.
BMI 27 is suitable to age of 64 and more.
An example for calculating BMI:
A man with a height of 1.7 meters and the weight of 90 kg, and age of 54
So this man is suffering from overweighting. 90/(√1.7)=30=BMI
But in this method is not mention to people who have athletic physiques muscles, genetically, or people who have loose fitting body, is it all right to evaluate everybody by this formula? The real thing is that, we need to do more complete division, to discriminate among morbid fat people and healthy people with big and strong muscles.
So, in fact there is one kind of fatness, natural fatness, about people who have athletic physiques muscles and there is not disease in their cells, that it is genetic, another kind of fatness is morbid fatness, and the most fat people are in this type, and the origin of this kind of fatness is not to have lots of muscular mass and bodily strength, but they involve to cellular disease and their cells suffer from cellular swelling and morbid overweighting, and whatever these people consume foods with fewer calories, they will be more fat, even some of them believe that if they drink water, they will be fatter and fatter !!!
What is the origin of cellular molecular of morbid fatness?
There is numerous sodium and potassium valves in our cellular surface, in the form of synthetic, and these valves, send the sodium ions out and import the potassium ions in the cells, by consuming energy in the shape of ATP molecules, constantly, now imagine a person consumes foods with low energy outcome such: vegetable oils (solid, liquid, and frying oils), beef, yogurt, mix of yogurt and water, tomatoes and tomato paste, red and white sauces and cold water and tea (green and black) and… (refer to the health triangle), the measure of the cells of ATP will be decreased, and the sodium will be locked inside the cells, so the water will be inside the cells by semi permeable thin covering osmotic, and the cells will be puffed up, and the person will be faced with 10 to 30 overweighting, these people are facing with feebleness feeling, too much sleeping and body soft muscles, on the contrary, people with athletic physiques muscle shave always power feeling.
Therefore the treatment method is not reducing the calories and drinking too much cold water and eating salads, in the contrary to western medicine, because all of these, reduce the cellular energy once more, and increase the cellular swelling more and more, and if it reduce several kilos, they will be faced with dropping the face and premature aging and eliminate the sexual desire and they will face with depression, by reducing the consumed food, in the manner that a 40 years woman will be look like as a 50 years old woman, after a while !!!
Thin people that are bilious or melancholic, genetically, their thin body is lame and even has a littlebelly that is very deformed as a matter of fact their body is thin with a potbelly, by using the same diet!!!
What is the solution?
We should carry out the health triangle completely, and let to our body to be adjusted based on genetic, because the cellular sodium and potassium pumps will function properly, if our cellular nutrition is in perfect conditional over the body, something that indicate our body, is our genetic. Indeed sanguine tempers are people, who may have athletic physiques genetically, and thin people without belly that are healthy and fast, are bilious people, and discriminate people are very thin and stubborn and very careful, they are melancholy, and people who have overcome their water are phlegmatic people, but people can be healthy and in balance of weight and fitness, if they reform their types of foods, considering with their genetic and their nature.

Dr. Hassan Akbari
Cellular Pathology Specialist
Associate Professor Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and
Researcher and Lecturer in Medicine Iranian – Islamic

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