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Salt, Good, Bad

Nowadays there are big controversy in medical meeting about salt, and a lot of them are due to lack of sufficient knowledge about salt, in this time the salt that are eatable and available in the market for people, due to industrial refining has been exchanged to cellular poisonous, and they are very harmful for health.
Absolutely, something that is in modern medical books are about disadvantage of industrial refining salt. Whereas, whatever that is talking about salt advantages, in Iranian – Islamic medicine is not about industrial salt but it is about natural buffer salt, there are the same buffer and balance in the air, if we breathe of pure oxygen, we will lose our lungs exclusively.
For example, in a narration of prophet (PBUH): God remove 330 kinds of disaster, that Leprosy is the least of them, if everyone eats salt before and after food, or in narration of Imam Ali (AS): everyone who start his / her meal with salt, seventy aches and another pains remove from him / her, that no one aware of them except God, if there is not salt on the table, the angels do not appear, and there is not health in the body , and there is not blessing on the table.
So, we should know that, what is the useful salt, which has been emphasized so much to consume, and how do we can find it? Natural salt that there is in the nature and is not manipulated by human, like sea salt, contains sodium, chlorine, potassium, iodine, magnesium, zinc and calcium, that are necessary for body cellular health in necessary measure, and with own balance is not only harmful, but also useful, but industrial salt contains only sodium, chlorine and sometimes industrial – iodine, which they can be poisonous for cells by themselves.
These things that, how the natural useful salts have been replaced like another foodstuffs, in recent decades, by industrial and harmful kind of that, there are part of secrets, and perhaps can search the colonialism trace in this process. Certainly consumption of industrial salt, cause to cellular dysfunction and appearance of different diseases, such as: high blood pressure.
Existence of ions except sodium and chlorine, in natural salt provide a stable and harmonious combination with body’s cellular natural necessity, whereas there is not this balance in industrial salt, and impose harmful combination to cells, so, foodstuffs industrialization is not useful for human being obligatorily, and in the most of the times, this is harmful for humanity.
One of substances that will be separated from natural salt, by refining in industrial salt, are Magnesium ions and the other substances that are necessary for cellular growth especially in children, is zinc, and it is essential for cells and inexistence of that cause to diseases like seizure, and there are taken in salt refining process by chemical substances, again.
So, Islamic – Iranian medicine has been recommended, to consume natural salt especially sea salt, and prohibit of refining and industrial salt.

Dr. Hassan Akbari
Specialist, Associate Professor of Cellular Pathology
Researcher and Lecturer in Islamic Medicine-Iranian

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