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The base treatment in viewpoint of Avicenna

Adjustment and edit: Dr Hasan Akbari
The treatment has three aspects: 1- Health and nutrition, 2- medicine consuming, 3- massage and rubbing.
First: Health and nutrition
Observing the necessary commands, are our mean about health care, and the body has accustomed them, to keep body improving.
The food point is one of the health care commands, observing health care is appropriated with medicine cases.
But, the foods have features, for example, we should observe amount of foods, and sometimes it should be recaptured from the patient, sometimes it should be reduced it, it should be sometime increased, and sometimes it should be take to the patient in proper amount.
The patients will restraint of eating, when the doctor wants to use of tempers to cook and help the humors.
If the power is remain in its ability, it is necessary to cook humors, in starting the tempers, the foods will be reduced, but do not forbidden, to keep this power.
The mean of a little foods, is to keep the power, and the reason of consume fewer foods, and the nature has not enough time to digest it, and as a result cannot cook humors due to many problems, in this manner, we should intended the important power, in this context, and is the disease very serious?
Reduction foods are, two types:
Reduction in term of quantities and qualities, and you can gathered the quality and quantity, and make the third manner.
What is the difference between quality and quantity capture in foods?
The foods may be have a plenty of volumes, but few nutrition, such as: vegetables and fruits, and someone who consume vegetables and fruits, their food volumes is high, but the food nutrition is just a pinpoint, but it may have a highly nutritious, with a few volumes, such as: Yolk
Sometimes we should reduce the quality and increase the quantity; for example, if the person is interested highly in foods, and uncooked humors remain in blood vessels, we will fill the stomach, to relax appetite, and at the same time we do not let to get in the materials into blood vessels, to have opportunities for cooking the staying materials in blood vessels, this may also be useful to another purposes.
Sometimes the quality should be strengthen, and the quantity should be reduced, for example, when the digest power in stomach has been unable, that cannot digest the foods, and we want to make strong the power, to able to do its duty.
If we are occupying to disease treatment, we recommend reducing or forbidding the foods.
The foods should be reduced in strict conditions, especially in chronic diseases, because, it is necessary to keep more power in chronic diseases, as we know the crisis is far from its end, and it will not reach to critical stage, if we do not keep the power, and they the tenacious cooking and slow cookers, will not be cooked, crisis is very precocious in hard diseases, and we hope to sustain until the end, and do not fail, if we fear of losing them before finalizing, we should not reduce the foods too much, any number that the disease be harder, it will be closer to source of disease, we will make the foods stronger, any number that hard diseases increase, and progress and their side effects have been increased, we will reduce the nutritious foods, as we mentioned their motivations earlier, we will reduce the power in laboring and effort time, and we will tender the diet, by later part of disease, and any number that the hard and crisis disease will be closer, we will be more efficient in dieting.
There are two another points, about “nutritiveness” of foodstuffs:
Roast and fried meats will be influenced slowly; there are foods that deliver the weak and eupeptic blood to body, the same as food stuff that it has been created from fig, if we want to emancipate the vital power from ruination, and we will give them merriment, and if the available power is not sufficient to digesting, in remaining time, then we will need to fast digesting foods and forward foods, if there are indigestible food inside the body, it shouldn’t mixed the fast digesting foods to them, and the result is the same as mentioned.
If we want to gain strength someone and forced her/him to hard exercises, we should feed them with highly nutritious and indigestible foods, people who compact in their body tiny pores, should consume incompact foods.
The theory of Dr Akbari:
It has considered the important points of nutrition to prevention and treatment of diseases, in health triangle designation, as much as possible, so it is recommended to observe the health triangle completely.

Dr. Hassan Akbari
Pathology Specialist
Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor and
Researcher of Islamic - Iranian Traditional Medicine

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