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Why we grow old?

As we know our body have been formed of billion cells, and growing old is nothing but cellular dysfunction, what actually happens in the cells, which cannot longer work as youthfulness age? As an example, human’s heart beats about 70 times a minute, that its duty is blood circulation in body, and beat over a hundred thousand times a day, and it must contract and expand about thirty – six times a year !!!!!
Obviously, our heart cells will create sediments with such a high level of operation, and these sediments are type of protein or demolished fats, and these sediments are called lipofuscin (is the name given to finely granular yellow-brown pigment granules composed of lipid-containing residues of lysosomal digestion) or old sediments, if we look at into an old cell, by an electron microscope, we can see the sediments in every place of cell, that contain of specific chemical composition and there are a lot in heart muscles, and create a spider web network within the heart cells and the other body cells, and prevent of organelles or intercellular organs properly, therefore the old heart cannot be contract and expand powerfully, like a young heart, and also, all of the blood circulation system such as great vessels to so much thin capillaries, that are so narrow that a red blood cell that (six millions of them will fit into the bottom of one pin) should make themselves too much slim to pass from them, are becoming too weak, it means that in one hand the pump has been weak and can’t pump the blood and at the other hand, the blood vessels cannot pass the blood properly, and the result of this process, not to arriving the proper diet throughout the body cells, therefore the skin, eyes, ears, neural cells and brain, kidneys, liver, intestines, and stomach are all being old and weak and decrepit, and all of the body cells will be fragile, and the immune system do not have the power to face with internal enemies like cancer cells and external enemies such as germs,
And finally, there is not remained way-out but death!!!
The cell’s senescence symptoms in each organ
1 – It will have been seen the lipofuscin pigments sediment that create light brown color in heart cells and in sediments’ microscopic.
2 – It will reduce the heart’s muscle cells contraction power.
3 – It will be creating arrhythmias due to deranging in heart electricity process or heartbeats deranging.
4 – Ischemia and cardialgia have been appeared due to blocking the hearts blood vessels in high beating, the blood do not arrive to the cells sufficiently.
5 – The blood delivering will not be done properly, due to blocking the blood vessels.
The lipofuscin sediment in brain neuronal cells, cause to malfunction of brain cells, and the thinking strength and memory will be hampered greatly.
2 – There will be impatience, anger, sensitiveness, irritability.
3 – One of side effects of brain cells aging is lack of concentration.
4 – Reducing the mental and physical skills.
5 – Shaking the hands and body members.
6 – Loss of physical balance.
7 – Slow down the reactions.
1 – Creating the Presbyopic, due to reducing the ability of conformity ability of the eye lens.
2 – Cataracts.
3 – Creating the glaucoma, or increasing the intraocular pressure.
4 – Creating the floaters, all images have been seen on the move, due to demolishing and releasing the broken – down proteins, inside the vitreous of the eye.
5 – Loss of eyesight.
6 – Organizing the aging ring around the eye cornea.
7 – The Fundus of eye may be bleeding.
1 – Reducing the lung’s capacity.
2 – Exertional dyspnea.
3 – Coughing.
4 – Repelling the plenty of sputum (sometimes).
5 – Increasing the number of breaths any minute.
1 – Making the liver oily.
2 – Reducing the glucose transformation ability into glycogen, when increase the blood sugar.
3 – Reducing the glycogen transformation ability into glucose, in the time of starvation.
4 – Reducing the foodstuffs metabolism.
5 – Reducing the ability of drugs metabolism and increasing the drug poisoning in aging.
6 – Increasing the risk of hepatic obstruction.
1 – Reducing the ability of purifies and blood refine.
2 – Loss of the blood electrolyte balance power.
3 – Disturbing of the balance of blood pressure through rennin – Angiotensin system.
4 – Reducing the erythropoietin secretion power or hematopoietic hormone.
5 – Increasing the risk of water retention in the body.
6 – Increasing the ceratinine serum.
7 – Increasing the blood urea nitrogen.
8 – Increasing the kidney’s stones sediment in the renal pelvis.
Environmental nerves:
1 – Reducing the ability of the environmental nerves passing, and thus reducing the ability of the organs contraction.
2 – Increasing the involuntariness Impulses and thus, increasing the organ’s shaking.
3 – Reducing the ability of the laxatives making, and appearing the symptoms of tingling, prickling of different parts of the body.
1 – Reducing the ability of the muscles in all of the striped muscle and flat muscle.
2 – Increasing the risk of muscles involuntary tics.
3 – Reducing the general body muscles bulk.
4 – Becoming dry the muscles and reducing the ability of the muscles flexibility.
1 – Reducing the ability of stomach acid making, and thus, reducing the ability of digesting.
2 – Reducing the stomach making enzyme and thus, reducing the ability of digesting.
3 – Reducing the stomach making hormones and thus, to get disturbed the fullness and starvation feeling.
4 – Reducing the ability of the foodstuffs absorbing, water, iron and vitamins.
1 – Reducing the ability of absorbing the foodstuffs, water and vitamins.
2 – Reducing the large intestine movement and creating the chronic constipation.
3 – Repelling the mucus, due to malfunction of the mucous intestinal cells, sometimes.
4 – Intense swelling, and non – absorption of production gases in the intestines.
It is necessary to mention that, about ninety percent of the production gases in the intestines, will be absorbed, by epithelium or covering intestines cells, the rest of gas, means ten percent of them will be essential for moving the stools in the intestines, and swelling too much in some people, are due to defecting in intestinal gases functional absorption.
1 – Reducing the secretion of sweat and oil from relevant glands in old people, cause to intense skin dryness and sometimes cause to intolerable itching.
2 – Becoming wrinkled the skin and dull the skin color.
3 – Creating the skin color spots on the hands, forehead, and face and head skin.
1 – The bones will be brittle and reduce the bones accumulation or osteoporosis.
2 – Changing the red bone marrow to the fat bone marrow, and therefore the capacity of the blood cells and immune cells in old age people will be reduced, and it can help to many diseases such as: It can be the secondary diseases to immune violating or the infraction in performance on the body important system, these diseases are included to increasing the epidemic of different cancers in old age.
3 – Mending the broken bones slowly, in some way that a broken bone in a young 20 years man will mend about 20 days, but in an 80 years old man it will mend about 3 months.
1 – Joint movement limitation.
2 – Being dry and brittle joints and appearing the arthritis.
3 – Joint pains.
The Teeth, the important structures, will be annihilated, depending on to individual genetic and the manner of watchfulness the teeth, in old ages, gradually, and not to having teeth is one of the important factors of swelling and indigestions, and in general not to having teeth or having damaged teeth cause to reduce the life span.
Something that we can do, to reduce the old ages side effects and our organs:
1 – To refuse from eating the vegetable oil such as: liquid vegetable oil, solid oil, and frying oil.
2 – Forty percent of consuming oil should be olive oil and sesame oil, and the sixty percent should be natural animal oils, such as: Fat oil, camel hump or butter oil, and never consume the liquid vegetable oil, solid and frying oil.
3 – Consume only unrefined natural salt such as: Mill rock salt or sea salt, and do not consume the refined iodized salt that contains sodium and pure chlorine, plus toxic chemical iodine.
1 – As much as possible, consume the boiling water and dates, or honey or herbal medicines like, borage, saffron, cinnamon, ginger, and variety of distilled liquids, such as: orange flower liquid, pussy willow liquid, mint liquid, instead of cold water.
2 – Do not use any black or green tea, whatsoever.
3 – Regular bleeding based on the age, for example, a 30 years old person should bleed maximum once a month, between the shoulders, but in people who are less than 30 years old, the bleeding should not be less than one month.
1 – Consume one cup of alfalfa liquid.
2 – Consume one cup of carrot juice.
Consume one cup of thyme decoction, when appear the cough and repel the nasal mucus.
1 – 7 piece of dates every day
2 – Observe the other orders and health triangle.
1 – Consume the honey syrup the same amount of cold water.
2 - Observe the other orders and health triangle.
Nerves and muscles:
Consume the mutton, in the form of barbecue sometimes (once a 40 days at least).
1 – Do not consume water between meals.
2 – Do not overeat.
3 – Eat one type of food.
4 – Eat food slowly and chew as well as possible.
Consume Iranian traditional foods like Persian vegetable soup and hot pot.
1 – Make oily the skin with natural animal oils or olive and sesame oil.
2 - Observe the other orders and health triangle.
1 – Avoid consuming the soft drink, pickles and lemon juices too much.
2 – Consume peas, raisins, sesames and dates too much.
3 - Observe the other orders and health triangle.
1 – Avoid locating the joints in front of the air conditioner directly, and massage the body with natural animal oil, if there is pain in joints and it should keep warm.
2 - Observe the other orders and health triangle.
1 – Remedy the teeth problems.
2 – Use of false teeth.
3 – Brush the teeth with honey and use of dental floss regularly.
4 – Observe the other orders and health triangle.

Dr. Hassan Akbari
Cellular Pathology Specialist
Associate Professor Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and
Researcher and Lecturer of Medicine Iranian – Islamic

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