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Six health necessaries in Islamic- Iranian’s medicine

(Part three: motion and motionless)
One of the specifications of human’s body is that; you must not remain part of the body motionless for a long time, and each cell needs to function properly and proper motion members, certainly the definition of movement and task is according to their duty of each member, for example: exercising of each muscle, is different from exercising of brain’s tissue, the first is physical movement, and second one exercise is, thinking and solving math questions.
In fact, it is true that reasonable and proper motion and motionless are essential for body’s health, but more than ever pressure to each of body’s member, lead to serious damages. So exercise within the limits of bringing about sweating, and it is very useful to make more than usual the blood movement to organs and in contrary, the burdensome and overwhelming exercises can be harmful, if joints movement, without opposite power and opposite control.
Exercise should be appropriate to age, gender, environmental conditions such as, season, moisture, and individual physical conditions for example: if an exercise is light, for a person, who is under 30 years old, may be burdensome for a 45 years old person.
Children shouldn’t be prevented from jumping up and down and running, and need to move and motion constantly, and it is necessary to play accompanied by physical movement, that is dangerous, why computer games for children that stay motionless for long time and cause to short –life and depression and serious.
Women need physical exercises fewer than men, swimming, walking, and exercise is enough for them, also, most men over forty should not do burdensome exercises.
Exercising in disease condition (acute disease) is wrong, and cause to serious damage to cells, and somebody who is in acute condition of disease may need to rest more, so that the cells return to normal condition gradually.
Thinking and solving the problems and puzzles are the best exercise for brain’s cells, and intellectual games, can be trained to brains cells, in fact the intellectual games, can be played as a simple domestic such as: twenty begs and name, family games and so on, and must not need to special instrument, and does not give up from usual life tasks for a long time, in my opinion it is, one of the defect of playing chess that, the person expel from usual life, and partly, leads to indifference condition to other members of the family as an illness.
However, we should choose an appropriate exercise for ourselves, when we are in any ages, to have healthy cells along with healthy diet.

Dr. Hassan Akbari
Specialist , Associate Professor of Cellular Pathology
Researcher and Lecturer in Islamic Medicine-Iranian

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