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Men’s early ejaculation therapy

Nowadays, one of the family’s problems is early ejaculation, due to currency of western food, and in some statistics, the main cause of sexual dysfunction are: addiction to opium and other drugs, divorce and overuse of drugs such as Viagra and so on, and horrible conditions of these kinds of drugs, are sexual disorder, let’s see what can we done? Does this important problem have solution? What is the main reason? What are the lateral and subordinate reasons? And what have been done for absolute and continual treatment?
First of all, we define of early ejaculation: Unfortunately, wrong definitions have been presented in some resources that are sign of doctors and physicians frustration that have been breaking out in diagnosis and treatment because this definition is very unrealistic and far from mentality. For- example, it has been defined of early ejaculation that: Involuntarily men ejaculation, less than 60 seconds?!!! This means that, if a man wants to be satisfied in sixty one seconds or longer unconsciousness, it is not early ejaculation?!!!! Unfortunately, it must be said that, these definitions are added new dilemma to main problem.
In my definition, early ejaculation is the involuntarily men’s ejaculation before adverse party‘s orgasm, it means that, the man should be able to abstain of seminal effusion till female’s orgasm, otherwise, he will be involved impotence and early ejaculation.
The main reason of disease is dysfunction of involved cells in ejaculation that are included to nerves system cells, environmental, muscles, blood vessels and reproductive system cells, do not have enough energy to perform their role properly, due to unsuitable diet, and therefore is not precede the physiological ejaculation process voluntary and stimulus threshold will be decrease under normal and acceptable level, and man with minimal sexual stimulation will be involved in early ejaculation that normally would not cause ejaculation and the sexual side will be remained in intense frustration.
Wrong guidance of most people leads them to use of narcotic substances, like. Opium, and it is apparently very effective in the beginning, but after about six months, feeling of narcotic substances enjoyment will anticipate to libido.
After using of increasing the narcotic substances dose frequently and the person gives up his family completely, and will be captured by narcotic substances.
The second way using of sexual stimulant drugs, that Viagra is the most famous, with dangerous conditions such as severe heart condition according to some of the statistics, there are ten percent death danger, what is the solution?
First we must understand the reasons of early ejaculation Molecular cell Biology, in order to understand the solution properly.
As it has been mentioned in articles previously, our bodies completely, are organized of cells, and the nutrition with negative low level energy, effect on the cellular metabolism and finally Potassium – sodium pumps function, therefore Sodium will be locked inside, and water enters to the cells after sodium, and the electric charge will be disrupted inside and outside the cells, so the stimulus threshold will be reduced, hence, it will be activated by a little bit stimulation instead of strong stimulation, and this is the same thing that we observe as early ejaculation and involuntary pragmatically.
So, it is not necessary to use of opium or other narcotic substances and dangerous drugs to remedy this disease basically and just by observance completely and one hundred percent and other site commands of health triangle, regulate better the cells function and has been modified the whole process respectively.
In addition, early ejaculation treatment needs a series of spiritual and intellectual corrective actions will be mentioned below:
1- Divine will, before sexual intercourse and to wish essential authority and power from God.
2- Both of them should perform ablution.
3- Both of them shouldn’t be naked.
4- Using of light blanket, and not to be uncovered.
5- Avoid overeating.
6- Humor and touching sensitive areas is required before sexual intercourses and shouldn’t be suddenly and all at once and without preparations.
7- Do not assume someone else, during sex.
8- It would be better to both sides to be cleaned and sweet – smelling, and observe physical cleanliness completely.
9- In all circumstances, we should know supervising and observing of God, and not to go beyond of right.

Dr. Hassan Akbari
Specialist, Associate Professor of Cellular Pathology
Researcher and Lecturer in Islamic Medicine-Iranian

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