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Sickness, exercising!!!

Most of people, and even some experts, encourage people to exercise when they are sick, while there are in narrations that are attributed to Neatness Imams (Piece Be upon Them) forbid them from physical activity in sickness periods, now we want to know, which one is corrected scientifically? It is no exercising or physical activity in sickness periods, it is clear that, not only me but also somebody like me, are not able to criticize the Neatness Imams (Piece be upon them), but, I will try to explicate the scientific topics, as much as meriting.
As a matter of fact, some or all of cellular systems have been exposed to disability and weakness in sickness periods, therefore, additional pressure to patient’s cells, not only can help to cells, but also, it can cause to being deep the mention cellular damage.
It seems that, the first steps, in diseases, should be reforming the nutrition and gradual eliminate the cells from debris by avoiding of abundant foods, and it is one of the reasons of appearing the anorexia and weakness in patients, that the God has given to our body, in normal condition, so, it is recommended that, when you are sick, avoid from overeating and activity, as possible, to deteriorate mechanisms can find their efficiency once more.

Dr. Hassan Akbari
Pathology Specialist
Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor and
Researcher of Islamic - Iranian Traditional Medicine

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