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Cold temper, warm temper

Everybody will be less illness, if consume foods, according to his/her temperament. Everybody is necessary to know his/her temperament, and we can prevent most of problems, through it. Knowing the temperament and daily foods consuming is the best and the most logical method, to avoid diseases.
Recognizing temperaments
Some diseases have cold temperaments, and some of them have warm temperaments, Sometimes, several diseases are involved someone simultaneously, and each of them can be affected to most temperament of ill people, from cold or warm temperament, therefore, people cannot recognize their original temperaments.
Melancholic humor people think that their temperaments are cold and dry, and if the symptoms of warm or moist have been found in their body, they think that, it is wrong: while this is not true, and they may feel effects of other temperaments, in some situations and temporary, for example, when their temperaments are cold, they may sometimes feel hot flash, and sometimes they have been involved mucus, and they will be stimulated by eating mucous foods such as: yogurt, or have been involved bilious, and will have urticaria in their faces and hotness, by eating warm foods such as: Condiments, pepper conversely.
I will learn a rule to distinguish cold temperament from warm temperament, in this time, and it is included of: Have you wear lot of clothes or not, most of the times, especially in winter? They cannot tolerate cold, those who are cold temperament, and cannot tolerate warm temperament, those who are warm temperament.
Therefore, based on this rule, three groups can bee indentified:
- People who wear clothes more than the others, and are cold temperament, clearly.
- People who wear clothes less than the others, and are warm temperaments.
- People who wear more clothes in winter, and wear fewer clothes in summer.
So, we can say that:
Cold temperament people are those who feel cold in all seasons or feel cold in cold seasons only, and warm temperament people, are those who do not wear a lot of clothes, in most of the times.
Among cold temperaments people, there are phlegmatic temperaments, who feel cold in all seasons, but melancholic temperament people do not feel cold in all cold seasons, and feel cold in some seasons.
Among warm temperament people, the body temperature of bilious temperaments people are high in all four seasons and are always complaining about the hotness, but sanguine temperament people complain about the hotness in spring and summer, and do not really feeling hot in the rest of the seasons.
So, we conclude that:
- Bilious people feel hot in all of the seasons, especially in summer.
- Sanguine temperament people feel hot in warm seasons, but they will need to warm clothes in winter and fall.
- Phlegmatic temperament people need to wear warm clothes in all seasons, especially in winter.
- Melancholic temperament people need to warm clothes in cold seasons such as: Fall and winter, and do not nedd to warm cloths in the other seasons.
- There is fifth group that may be coinciding with above conditions, but in some part of their body is always cold (like fingertip of hand) or is always hot (like sole).
- The best way to distinguish the warm and cold temperament is to wear or not wear warm clothes, feeling hot or cold and being allergenic to some warm foods.
This makes mistake, if some diseases, get warm or cold some parts of the body, for example, anemia cause to feeling cold in fingertips of hands and feet, and menopausal cause to feeling body hot flash, and high blood fat cause to being hot in sole, and sinusitis may cause to feeling extreme cold in forehead, and gastritis cause to feeling extreme cold in middle part of rib cage.
It is necessary to identify such exceptions and remove them of your most temperaments, for example, you may have bilious temperament, and your whole body feel warm in all seasons, but at the same time, your middle rib cage feel cold, which it indicates that your body has been involved to gastritis or reflux, or you may be phlegmatic person, and feel cold in all of your body, in all seasons, but your sole feel hot, that indicate high blood fat.
A phlegmatic temperament woman who feel cold in all seasons, feel hot flash, due to menopause recently, but this person has been remained phlegmatic temperament, and feeling hot flash is not cause to being warm temperament, unless, feel warm in all part of her body, in most of the seasons, and do not have feel cold, in this case, we can say that the temperament of this postmenopausal person has been changed her nature and her temperament has been bilious or sanguine temperament, as a matter of fact such cases are rare .
Therefore, we conclude that, to distinguish most temperament, we should not deceived local cold or warm, but, the best way to distinguish warm from cold temperament, is wearing or not wearing a lot of cloths, and second feeling hot and third, having skin allergy to warm foods, and it is clear that, cold temperament people cannot take a cold shower, but hot temperament people can, especially in bilious temperament people.
What are the advantages of distinguishing temperaments?
The answer is that, informing of temperaments makes clear so many cases for us, so knowing the science of temperaments, make familiar us to various diseases treatment.

Presenter: Zohreh Latifi.

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