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Read Ladies (Fennel feature)

Fennel is a perfumed herb that is a biennial flowering plant, which sometimes reaches to height of two meters; this plant has parallel groves, and thin and thread-like leaves, this plant is full of female hormones (estrogens), and its temper is warm and dry, and remove the women’s body moister, this plant regulate the women’s hormonal situations.
In these days, women suffer from many problems, due to wrong displacement of nutrition, that goes from Iranian-Islamic medicine toward western medicine and western nutrition, in our society, and we can mention of menstrual periods, period irregularity, like, increase or decrease the period bleeding, in blood volume or in the number of the menstrual days, blood spattered, women’s recurrent infections, include of purulent discharging, stinging and itching of female reproductive system, plus hormonal disorders in prolactin and the other hormones such as: LH, FSH, estrogen, progesterone, and DHEA, that in all of them, with full compliance of health triangle and consuming of high-quality of fennel distillate for all of women from nine to one hundred years old, at least one glass per day, and it will associated with feminine hormones regulation, and cause to improving the feminine situation, and it can remove cold temper of common problem, and in a few cases, consuming fennel in this rate might be lead to period order deterioration, that in this case, it is necessary to patient to increase and then decrease the amount of fennel consuming, and it can obtain the desirable situation, as a matter of fact, if it continue, it can be reformed, by full observing the health triangle orders, in the same amount, and observe the other orders of the site, and prescription versions in internet checkups, and also it can improve the undesirable breasts conditions, that includes, lameness, mastitis, and overhanging of breasts.
Some people believe that, consuming fennel should be cut in menstruation periods, but in my opinion, consuming fennel in menstruation periods, is permitted and are depending on the patient’s condition, if it do not create problem to patient.
Fennel, due to containing estrogen and warm-temper, has a good effects on their freshness and transparency, and it can eliminate the skin spots, in addition, fennel is very effective in removing ladies skin wrinkles, and cause to continuing the youthfulness of ladies face, and due to anti-mucous feature, cause to eliminating the bags that are under their eyes.
If fennel distillate mix with rose water and violet oil and saffron powder, and rub it to the skin face, it can be effective in removing skin spots and wrinkles.

Dr. Hassan Akbari
Pathology Specialist
Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor and
Researcher of Islamic - Iranian Traditional Medicine

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