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MS (multiple sclerosis)

MS is one of the autoimmunity diseases, and it will be formed by functional disorder in body immune cells, these cells are not able to distinguish insider cells from outsider cells, in this disease, antibodies will be made against Schwann cells around the sheath nerves, and passing the neural massages, from neural filament will be impaired by demolishing these sheathes, and the symptoms of disease will be appeared, such as: Numbness, tingling, paralysis, double vision and so on …
Because the disease nature is unknown, physicians will referred to consuming suppresser and inhibition medicines to confronted to immune systems symptoms, in modern physician, and can prevent the nerve sheaths damages by stopping the immune cells activity, however, it is clear that, immune system’s inhibition and suppression can have serious consequences and side effects, by consuming medicines such as: Cortisones and interferon.
The main roots of MS
All of our activity cells will be done by energy, especially immune cells that are very sensitive to energy shortage, now, if the nutrition has been formed from endergonic energy, or have been combined form food stuffs that have negative energy balance, immune cells will lose one of the most important duties that is distinguishing insider proteins from outsider proteins, gradually.
In MS disease, this protein is myelin’s sheath that has been made by Schwann cells, and immune cells will secrete antibody, against them, and due to antibody’s function, the myelin’s sheath will demolish.
Therefore MS treatment, is not done by prescribing the suppress and inhibitor medicines, but, by observing proper nutrition, can restore the distinction ability between insiders and outsiders proteins to immune cells, or in fact, can restore the lost tolerance to cells, so, you can treat and control the MS disease, without consuming inhibition and suppresser medicines to immune system, that have dangerous side effects, and we can be safe from these medicines with serious side effects.

Dr. Hassan Akbari
Pathology Specialist
Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor and
Researcher of Islamic - Iranian Traditional Medicine

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