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Six health necessaries in Islamic- Iranian’s medicine
(Part 5 :Sentiments (canals’ motives))
What is clear, moods and emotions or sentiments have very influences on physical condition of human body, today, unfortunately, when we can’t diagnose the disease, or evaluate it properly, say that, it is because of stress, but, if we ignore of irregular use of stress word by some of colleagues, the spiritual conditions and canals’ motives are the major effective factors on human’s body, but I think that, individual’s tolerance is necessary to human‘s evolution and maturity by balance and adequate cellular ,and it will be alleged that it’s better for human to be strong! spiritual conditions like, nervousness, grief, shame and fear, can make important alterations in human’s body, for example, can change amount of various hormones’, and make more or less than normal condition of cell’s metabolism, and increase stomach acid secretion, and, influence on the blood circulation and number of depth of breathing.
Belief in God, wise, affectionate, omnipotent, compensatory, exalted just, learned, hear and answers to prayers are the most important things that can stresses and sentiments to be used into positive direction, and aware of all small and large issues and manages and he is supporter and helper of his servants to be faced in God, and places all problems to flourish the hidden talents and growth and exalted and evolution, with this ideology and point of view, that Hazrat Zeinab (PBUH) was in most difficult pressures of stress, and can break every championship with peace
That says!!!!” I have not seen anything but beauty “
So one of the medicine pillars, is spirituality and faith in elevation God, it can assist to the patient to create a very nice opportunity of these threats and continue to their lives and endeavor more in training, not like some of society that people suicide themselves with at least stresses and pressures and injure to themselves and their society, and not only, can solve their problems, but also, cause to lose humanity’s that is the greatest society assets.
Human without God will be destroyed the origin and destination of life and when he is alive, knows him as a defenseless and released and aimless and vain, and know him as a capture of all unconscious and lifeless actions and reaction and accidental things, in fact it is the captivity, and one who thinks to be captured of religious and faithful in God, must know that pious man, who believes in blessed and elevation God, has been given freedom to human and rewards to this world and hereafter all good actions and behavior, he will be free and has meaningful and useful life, and lives safety in spiritual condition and can live in peace and has a safe body.

Dr. Hassan Akbari
Specialist , Associate Professor of Cellular Pathology
Researcher and Lecturer in Islamic Medicine-Iranian

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